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Unlimited Functionality with In-App Chat

Use Case 1

The In-App Chat team gets to know more about your application and gathers information that helps us know if our product is compatible within your awesome application.

Use Case 2

Once we know the shoe fits just right we’ll move forward with collecting all the necessary items & information needed to perform all preliminary testing.

Use Case 3

Using the collected data, we run sample data through our in-house quality assurance to help eliminate any discrepancies that might cause issues down the line.

Use Case 4

As all testing comes to an end, we walk you or your team through an educational demonstration to go over any technical aspects you would like to know more about.

Use Case 5

We pass off all your chat API & SDKs so that you can begin deploying your In-App Chat! We’ll also ask for a live demonstration, just to be sure you’re getting all the performance you deserve.

Use Case 6

We’ve got your back with any issues that may occur down the line and help you provide a seamless experience for your users.

Peer-to-Peer Capabilities

Trying to develop our own chat feature was a nightmare. In-App Chat got our app off the ground quickly and has everything we wanted!

Dora Handle

Secure and fast! I'm impressed!

David Shlemer

I love how many feature's I'm able to bring to my application. So helpful and easy.

Tara Malnic

I can see this tool being used for so many different applications - a solid product all around.

Mika Sumner

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