Why Businesses Need to Focus on Cyber Security

This past decade has been rough for businesses, particularly in the security department. As things like major data breaches and general cybercrimes (such as phishing and malware) have affected a large number of companies. With the number of affected businesses inevitably growing every day, as remote workforces have become a recent target for attacks. That’s why […]

We Offer Hosted Services to Empower Your Remote Workforce

With businesses adapting to the COVID-19 crisis by transitioning to a remote workforce, they require services that enable them to be as efficient and productive as in the office. At Unitel, we offer a comprehensive array of services that will allow your company to be successful while working remotely. Unitel Cloud PBX Communication is essential […]

How Our CloudPBX Can Benefit Your Remote Workforce

For many businesses, making and receiving calls is essential. It’s a key part of how they operate and generate revenue. With so many businesses being forced to work remotely or close till quarantine, those that rely on their office phones to make calls find themselves in a tough position. As they can’t exactly take their […]

It Is Not Too Late to Migrate Your Business Operations to the Cloud

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact businesses, it is imperative that employees work remotely so companies can remain operational. At Unitel, we have cloud computing solutions that will enable your employees to work from home, while remaining efficient. There are many benefits to migrating your business operations to the cloud. Here are five: Increased […]

The Cloud Offers Increased Mobility for Businesses

Businesses are always looking for a way to make their operations more efficient. Migrating your business operations to the cloud allows your company to avoid costly hardware purchases and the costs associated with maintaining on-premise infrastructure. The cloud offers many additional benefits to your company. Business Continuity Business continuity and disaster recovery are critical to […]