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The omnichannel cloud contact center solution that empowers your workforce and delights your customers.

Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences and Powerful Agent Capabilities.

Deepen your customer connection and drive business growth by delivering unique personalized memorable experiences that delights customers and builds brand loyalty.
Empower agents by orchestrating your customers’ unique cross-channel behaviors leveraging integrated voice, SMS, Web Chat, email, and Artificial Intelligence with powerful outbound capabilities and comprehensive analytics.

Elevate efficiency with a cloud-based contact center solution.


Connect Anywhere

Bring Everyone Together - UCaaS Users and CCaaS Agents to assist customers and deliver exceptional customer experiences

Creating better customer experiences begins with VIP CX.

What Our Customers & Peers Say

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Jim G.
Owner, Small Business

“Crexendo provides a great product and service at great value. Crexendo products are high quality and easy to install and use. Customer support is readily available and actually helpful. As my company has expanded and contracted at times, it has been easy to adapt using Crexendo.”

Optimize your contact center.

Inbound Contact Center

VIP CX keeps the conversation flowing forward with relevant customer information from across all the interactions and channels with powerful analytics. Embedded AI will not only transcribe calls but analyzes sentiment to help guide the agent and optimize next steps.

Modern IVR

Reduce cost per customer with self-service and multi-level IVR options.

Smart Routing & ACD

Accelerate responses with sophisticated routing & automatic call distribution.

Automated Recordings

Auto record calls and view recordings against customer tickets for easy tracking.

Powerful Calling

Unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

Sophisticated Monitoring

Boost performance with live monitoring, sentiment analysis, Whisper & Barge-in tools.

Mobile App

Enable work-from-anywhere while tracking every call.

Seamless CTI

Easy access to customer information for better conversations and customer interactions.

It’s time to up your game with a VIP CX contact center solution.

Outbound Contact Center

Multiple Auto Dialers

Speed up every campaign with a choice of predictive & progressive dialers.

CRM Integrations

Improve conversions with seamless CRM integrations.

Real-Time Reports

Monitor performance across multiple campaigns with ease.

Outbound Calling

Unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

Data Security

Ensure customer privacy by masking customer phone numbers.

Click to Call

Sales representatives click to call prospects from their CRM.

Call Recordings

Call recordings are automatically recorded and logged.

Boost contact center productivity with VIP CX.

Omnichannel Contact Center

Social Media & Messaging

Quickly respond to customers on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and more.

WhatsApp & SMS

Offer support and proactive messaging on a channel customers love.

Conversational AI

Intelligent bots ensure fast responses 24x7.


Intelligently route and distribute chats and calls amongst your agents.


Support your customer with Inbound or Proactive Outbound instant communication.


Every customer interaction is different. Communicate wherever they prefer.

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