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We provide an extremely accurate full vertical spectrum of services at Gallant Knights. From elite personal security services, human intelligence, and special operation training, to policymaking for International and U.S. military and law enforcement operations. Gallant Knights have been delivering critical capabilities since 2010.

our critical capabilities

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Human and cyber intelligence to illuminate illicit networks' unique targeting technologies’ clandestine operational activities.

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Focused training in Human Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Tactical operations, Rescue tactics.

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Technical Security, Critical Infrastructure, Communication ISR, drone support, inter-team datalinks, customized solutions.

we are gallant knights: Tier 1

Our Tier 1 operational staff is made up of experienced CAG, Special Operations Cells, and engineers, U.S.N. SEAL TEAM SIX, 75th RRC, Pararescue, Air Support Special Operations, and Special Human Intelligence, with elite and accurate targeting technology, and intelligence analysts.  

We offer specialized backgrounds in intelligence analysts and special operations medical teams. Our technical expertise rests in being able to assess client operating vulnerabilities and provide rapid deployment against any threat. 

Customized To your needs

We customize our solutions through the integration of core competencies for corporations, the U.S. Government, quasi-government agencies, and clients’ contractual agreements.   

be ready for anything

Gallant Knights is your premier choice for all things protection. We’re your go-to solution for:


  • Personnel protection to mitigate risks more effectively


  • Advisors and instructors for international, federal, state, and local law enforcement agency awareness training


  • Training in Surveillance, offensive and defensive driving, hostage survival, and weapon handling


  • Training facilities that accommodate scenario-based training, including kill houses, urban operation scenario facilities, explosive ranges, driving tracks


Not sure we offer the solution you’re looking for? Reach out today to see how Gallant Knights can assist you with your security needs today!

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