Are customers looking for tools that make connecting with team members and business associates easier from any location? With a variety of solutions just a click away, NTS Direct can help! 

The quick fix for customers who want to bridge the gap between in-office and remote workers. Check out our extensive conference phone selection with all the features your customers have come to expect and enjoy. 

Finding more of your customers are serving fully-remote businesses? Equip them with the audio/visual tools necessary to transmit crystal-clear voice and video to any virtual meeting with our Video Conferencing devices!

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Stickier Offerings

Remote work is here to stay, so your customers will be looking to you for conferencing solutions. Giving them that option will further strengthen your provider/customer relationship and make you the first person they reach out to when they need something new.

Greater Market Capture

With the advent of telehealth and remote learning, you won't just be selling to businesses but also schools, doctor's offices, and more. Offering conferencing will give you the ability to serve multiple verticals at once.

Increased Collaboration

Conferencing capabilities allow both remote and in-office teams to effectively communicate with one another over the phone and online! The easier to collaborate, the more productive and effective a team can be - meaning better business from any location!

Improved Efficiency

Better communication leads to better execution of short-term and long-term goals. By giving your customers conferencing options, you're allowing their teams to do what they do best – work together. Now capable from ANYWHERE!

Looking for More?

NTS Direct Business Solutions

Looking for more solutions to bring to your customer-base? Check out the items below to find the perfect match for your phone systems, access points, and devices today! 

Find the perfect headset to pair with your voice solution offerings and add more value to your customers.

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Get the ideal phone for your customers thanks to our large offering of reliable, capable, and state-of-the-art devices.

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Offer your customers more control over their network with our Data Networking devices.

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