Offer your customers more control over their network with our data networking devices. 

Need to connect multiple devices quickly and easily? We make it easy! At NTS Direct, we have the tools you need to expand your UC&C offerings on an as-needed basis. 

Say goodbye to copper wires! Give your customers’ phones the ability to make calls over the internet with our collections of analog telephone adaptors (ATAs) and gateways.  

Thanks to our network of partners, NTS Direct products come equipped with top-notch security protocols and protections. Have specific questions? Give our team a call to learn more! 

transmit faster with

data networking

Modern communication is built on the back of data networking. Who you choose to partner with on this “back end” of communication will have an impact not only on your customers but theirs as well!

At NTS Direct, we are more than happy to lead you in the right direction in finding the perfect solution for your customers.

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NTS Direct Business Solutions

At NTS Direct we carry a variety of devices to improve any business and help you build up your offerings, creating a one-stop-shop for you, and your customers. Shop additional products today!

Beef up your office security with NVRs, DVRs, and cameras that help you keep an eye out, while maintaining a secure connection.

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A reliable connection is not just a luxury, but a necessity to your businesses day-to-day processes. We help you stay connected!


Keep your office space limited to just those you want to grant access with the help of access system devices brought to you by NTS Direct.

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