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Remote Work


Ready to equip your customers with the tools they need for remote work success? NTS Direct has the remote work solutions and quality equipment your customers need to collaborate as if they were in the same office.



Our desk phones, speakerphones, headsets, and video conferencing cameras are exactly what your customers need to be set up for success. We have every solution needed in one place at an affordable price, friendly enough that even budget-conscious companies will love us too.

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Worker Roles

Technology’s expanding role in the workplace continues to evolve, while one employee may need every piece of technology available in order to perform their role, others may not need as much. We can help you outfit your customers properly. We offer a wide range of solutions tailored to their individual employees, so you can save time and money!

It takes a lot of diverse types of employees to run a business.


Collaboration through video conferencing has never been easier!

When your customers pair our audio and video solutions with their preferred video conferencing app, they can focus on their meetings. With outside noise minimized by our professional equipment, anyone can collaborate in real-time from anywhere on earth as long as they have internet access or good cell signal reception (which most people do these days!).



  • Easily deployed and managed
  • Offers professional meeting experience for training, brainstorming, and team and customer meetings with a personal connection
  • Google Play Store compatible
  • Our revolutionary video conferencing system gives you an interactive and immersive experience to increase collaboration
  • Provides vibrant, colorful face-to-face meetings with crystal clear video
  • The built-in infrared technology and face recognition ensure users are always framed correctly and without distortion