As businesses move toward UCaaS to improve their business communications, we have you covered. Our device manufacturers support the features and functions needed for businesses to become more effective, more efficient, and more cutting-edge.

unified communications platform



UCaaS combines several communication avenues and tools to bring businesses a well-rounded communications solution. Businesses need state of the art equipment and a standout platform to support their needs, which is where we come in.

NTS Direct brings you all the top brands and complete a UCaaS solution as an Avaya Cloud Office Master Agent. Ready to get started? Become an Avaya Cloud Office Partner today!

Business Phones

Not only is NTS Direct who you should turn to for business desktop phones, we also carry the SIP devices needed to bring old systems into the future. We carry all products from installation to deployment.

Voice networks and VoIP gateways are all supported through NTS Direct’s leading manufacturer’s devices.


Our complete headset solutions from leading manufacturers include both wired and Bluetooth solutions. With noise-canceling and professional-level microphones, our headset manufacturers bring businesses clear connections when they need them most.


With more and more businesses moving toward remote and hybrid work models, UCaaS has become vital for businesses that need to conference and workers that need to collaborate. Through our Avaya, Grandstream, and Yealink devices, NTS Direct enables all forms of conferencing including audio, web, and video conferencing.

Paging & Intercoms

Paging, public address, and intercom devices are exactly what businesses need to connect with their whole building/organization or portions of the building/organization at the same time. These devices bring an added layer of security to buildings by enabling quick announcements.