PressONE SD-Wan

Enterprise-Level Communications for Small Offices and Remote Offices

Small businesses and remote workers rely on the internet to communicate and do business, so they require a solution that reduces business disruption and improves the quality of connectivity. That’s where PressONE’s SD-WAN solution comes into play. Our SD-WAN offering helps small businesses and remote workers overcome common communication challenges using several key features:

  • Advanced, congestion-aware Quality of Service (QoS) and Application Performance capabilities
  • Failsafe, “No Drop” Failover
  • Plug-and-play design for SOHO market, meaning it’s quick and easy to deploy
  • Designed with built-in 4G LTE wireless, multi-carrier feature sets
  • No upfront hardware costs
  • Cloud managed with remote site management jump service
  • Flawless 4G Failover

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