Video Conferencing & Collaboration

Deliver a Unified Experience that allows your customers to work how they want from anywhere!

No matter where your customers are located, unified communications and collaboration are a must-have to support internal and external communications, training, and webinars. SNAP.HD by netsapiens has your customers’ collaboration needs covered; from webinars to chat, and everything in-between.

Same-Room Feeling

Deliver that same-room feeling with no application downloads required.


Promote your brand instead of someone else's with re-branding or co-branding.

Reports & Analytics

Individual detailed and aggregate meeting and usage reports.


Brand your own webinars the way you want while supporting up to 1,000 participants.

Collaboration is Evolving the Workforce

Our user-friendly and reliable platform provides extreme flexibility so you can customize your offering to meet your customers needs. With our collaboration tools your customers can work how they want, from anywhere, and on any device. While cloud storage, reporting, and analytics keep your customers organized and efficient.

Secure Video Collaboration

With over 1.4 Million users on our SNAPsolution platform globally, confidence in our security best practices is of paramount importance. Find out the details of our field hardened security features behind our video collaboration solution.

Once-Click Scheduling

Meet instantly or plan ahead and seamlessly works with Calendar iCS, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

Active Speaker Detection

Highlight participants when they are speaking for enhanced video conferencing.

Host Controls

Control the meeting completely with a range of useful host controls that allow hosts to manage attendees and meeting features.

Chat & File Sharing

Streamline collaboration with fully integrated persistent messaging, private and group chat, and file sharing.

Real Time Collaboration

Whether its One-click Screen Share or sharing an application from a local drive.

Customize Your Offering

Whether you want to offer Freemium or tiered Video conference packages, netsapiens enables extensive customization of value based meetings & collaboration packaging. Sell how you want to with SNAP.HD!

We've Got You Covered

Seamless Integration of Your Business Apps

30+ CRM Integrations including:

Intuitive Web-Based Management & Configuration

Sessions Based Pricing Model

True Geographic Redundancy for Four 9's Reliability

Strong Partner Community Ensuring Service Provider Success