Crexendo® Reaches 2.5 Million End Users Globally

Moving to a cloud-hosted phone system is crucial to your business

From your computer, to cellphone to desk phones, we can help unify your communications and bring your business into the modern age at an affordable price.

Cloud phone systems are much more affordable

A cloud phone system requires little or no up-front cost and you never pay for maintenance or upgrades. On-premise systems are quickly becoming outdated and expensive, it’s time to upgrade.

Advanced features all in one seamless platform

Whether you’re working from the office, home, or around the world, Crexendo®’s full-featured telephony platform streamlines your business communications.

Be prepared for anything with business continuity

Your cloud phone system’s data is stored in secure and redundant data centers safe from harm, so you can stay connected and continue business even when disaster strikes.

We do all of the legwork, so you can focus on your business

Crexendo® manages the installation, architecture, maintenance, and ongoing support of your communications system. So you and your employees can focus on running your business.

You get automatic software upgrades and enhancements

Our expert engineers regularly deliver enhancements and updates every 6-8 weeks, with no downtime. That means you’re always running on the latest, most advanced system with no interruptions.

Essential remote work capabilities and applications

Access your communication system and allow your employees to continue their work with zero interruptions from anywhere on any device. Our mobile app helps bring the power and sophistication you need to you on the go.

One, simplified phone system administration platform

We offer intuitive interfaces that make it easy to control your phone system. You can centrally manage and make changes (like adding new extensions) easily without placing expensive IT service calls.

We offer reliable and secure system support

Your data is a priority. Our world-class data center features the highest levels of redundancy and data security, so you can rest assured your information is safe and protected.

Upgrading is easier than you think and
it's crucial to your operations


Discover Your Uniques Needs

We focus on understanding your business and pain points so we can build the best package of solutions for you at the right price.


Fast Personalized Quote Review

In many cases, we will do this over the phone with you during our discovery call. It will be quick and easy to understand.


Implement Your Phone System!

We do all the legwork to make sure we're meeting your needs. From build, to test and train; we get you ready for launch.

Never miss a beat with a single call management tool

Lifetime warranty with every Crexendo® phone system

We’ve got the right tools to help you go remote