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Primavera Online High School streamlined their communications infrastructure with Crexendo.

The Problem

Primavera Online High School was operating off of three separate systems that were not integrated and difficult to maintain. Primavera needed a unified system that all employees would be able to use and seamlessly regardless of their geographic location.

Our Solution

We were able to create a solution that provided Primavera with a unified communications platform, giving them the flexibility and functionality with a unique feature just for them. We customized our platform to meet their needs and enhance our experience for every customer.

Digging-in: Technology-driven high school migrates to the cloud to meet their unique needs

Primavera Online High School, founded by Damian Creamer in September of 2001, offers High School students a personalized and flexible approach to education through a highly interactive virtual learning environment. It is the largest and fastest growing high school in the state of Arizona serving on average approximately 5,500 high school students and 350 middle school students. Engineered specifically with user-friendly technologies, students are able to interact and collaborate with their instructors, receiving consistent support though weekly phone calls, messaging, emails and active daily discussion boards. With approximately 300 faculty and staff, Primavera is dedicated to helping students who require flexible schedules, are geographically distant from traditional schools or prefer to learn from the security and comfort of their own homes take control of their education and empower themselves to maximize their potential. As a tech-savvy online high school, communication and collaboration between faculty and students is essential in moving towards the mutual goal of academic success leading to graduating from high school.

Difficult and Unorganized

In evaluating their needs and growth plans, Primavera began looking for a quality communications platform that would work seamlessly for every type of employee. With three very different types of users – call center staff, office staff, and remote staff – Primavera was operating on three separate systems to meet their communication needs.

The office staff was running a 15-year old Avaya premise-based system with ongoing issues. Their Avaya system was difficult to maintain and did not provide important features that were essential for their call center and remote employees. To accommodate the needs for their call center, Primavera had a cloud-based call center solution from Five9, which utilized softphones and provided call center specific reporting. Primavera experienced multiple outages with Five9, causing many connectivity issues, leaving them unable to communicate with their students and staff. Remote employees occasionally had difficulty utilizing their VPN to establish a connection to either system, forcing them to use a third system, their cell phones, in order to handle calls and work with students.

Their systems were not integrated, which made simple tasks such as transferring a call or calling another employee difficult. As a growing organization, it became rigorous to make simple moves and changes to their current system(s).

Unified and Manageable

Primavera began to research options to unify their communications and cater to their unique needs as a technology-driven educational organization. They needed a single system to accommodate all three user-groups; call center and support team members, office workers, and remote instructors regardless of their geographic location.

Primavera went through extensive trials and evaluations with several other telecom industry leaders. No provider was able to accommodate all of their needs with one platform. After spending time with Crexendo’s specialists and engineering team, Crexendo was able to customize our solution to include essential pieces such as advanced Auto Call Distribution (ACD) with real-time call management features and CRM screen-pop to meet Primavera’s requirement for a fully integrated office system that encompassed all of their call center and mobile requirements. “Crexendo was the only company we looked at that offered a quality platform that could work for all of our employees,” stated Dominick Sirianni, Primavera’s VP of Operations.


The Crexendo platform was able to enhance Primavera’s internal and external communications, as well as accommodate their need to combine all communications onto one platform that was easy to use and maintain. The Crexendo solution gave Primavera a robust business-class phone system, offered scalability and flexibility while addressing their future growth plans.

The Primavera staff is now able to communicate effortlessly with one another and “people are now using the phones to be productive and talk to each other. We haven’t seen that [efficiency] in more than two years!” Dominic stated.

Doug Gaylor, Crexendo’s President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, “Crexendo’s engineers met with Primavera to fully understand their needs for today and the future. We were able to custom-build their solution with our flexible architecture, and now their communications with both their internal and external customers is fantastic! Additionally, Primavera’s customizations enhanced the Crexendo solution for all current and future Crexendo customers.”

“In today’s modern office, you need a phone system that can meet the needs of all types of employees. Crexendo’s system makes my team more efficient regardless of their job or their location.”

Dominick Sirianni, VP of Operations

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