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Bringing the Regional Center for Border Health to the Modern Age of Communication

The Problem

The team had at first selected another premise system, which not only presented some of the same issues they were already experiencing such as restrictive installation and support but was also 3x more expensive than Crexendo®. They decided they needed something that could expand with their organization’s growth.

Our Solution

Once with Crexendo®, the Regional Center for Border Health found it easy to implement multiple phones and software at multiple locations. They started with 45 phones, and easily expanded into another facility. At present they have about 300 phones in all locations. They now have the ability to easily move or change phones, reprogram features or capabilities, and monitor all that happens on the system. Instead of dialing-in and waiting, they can easily get any inbound customer directly to the individual they want to talk to.

Digging-in: Non-profit organization improves efficiencies and productivity with flexible/customized cloud communications platform

When the Regional Center for Border Health was considering cloud communications, they first realized that most of the issues they were experiencing were due to their old, on-premise equipment. All of it was going on 15 years old and simply could no longer service their company’s growth or even current workload.

“We were starting to see the age and anomalies from broken connections, devices that couldn’t display LCD information properly, and interface difficulties,” Philip Gladney, Director of IT. “What’s more were the support issues we were having with the old system.”

Popular UCaaS Features Used

  • Video Conferencing – Real-time video, screen sharing, and messaging for easy collaboration.
  • Outbound Caller ID – Displays business number even when calling from your personal phone.
  • Voicemail to Email – Turns your voicemails into emails for reference and easy search.
  • Auto Attendant – Answers & routes calls to the right person without a live operator.
  • Easy Integration – Works with most CRM platforms and existing VoIP phones/devices.
  • Remote Device Management – Upgrade, configure and troubleshoot phones without IT!

Internal Organization Efficiencies Realized

With robust UCaaS solutions like the ones outlined above in place, Regional Center for Border Health began to realize true efficiencies in their communication. With over 7 locations, at 40 phones each, and with each site’s 10 individual numbers, Crexendo ® offered them the flexibility and capabilities they needed.

They dedicated one administrative receptionist servicing all locations without having to be everywhere at once. When customers called, they no longer would get left waiting and call processing improved dramatically. They went from previously not having enough lines to support customers to having a system that allowed them to easily communicate and support their customers.

Optimized Customer Service and Experience

With Crexendo®’s robust call routing and management software, the phones always ring, regardless of the number of people. Their connection reliability is also enhanced because of Crexendo®’s technology. This way their customers are not strictly being pointed to voicemail.

“There are a lot of rules and directory layouts that we can setup to continually improve the experience,” says Philip. “The product has some of the highest ratings; we’re ecstatically happy with Crexendo®’s service.”

Call park was especially helpful for the Regional Center teams and had a very positive impact. They were used to seeing more than 12 lines on hold at a single time and had a hard time keeping up. Now, after customizing their call park and routing system in the platform, customer’s calls are being serviced professionally and in a timely manner.

With auto attendants, simultaneous ringing groups, and other call center features, Crexendo® put it all together for Regional Center and allowed for their call flow to be managed easily in one place on one platform.

The experience was even improved for their internal team from a billing standpoint. Crexendo® was able to bill and manage all locations on one convenient, low-cost monthly bill. Being a nonprofit, this was especially beneficial for Philip and the rest of the Regional Center team: “We’re a nonprofit Crexendo® has made it extremely easy to help us with our billing, and customize it for us so it gets applied to the right place automatically.”

Bottom-Line: UCaaS Empowered Regional Center for Border Health’s Entire Operations

Regional Center of Border Health saw their operation’s efficiencies improve, and their customer satisfaction go up while their savings skyrocketed by switching to the cloud. Crexendo®’s award-winning products have accomplished exactly what Philip and his team were looking for and more. We’re happy to continue to support the Regional Center of Border Health now and into the future with great communication solutions!

“Crexendo® is very knowledgeable, they’re truly experts in their industry and helped our organization tremendously improve our internal and external communications.”

Philip Gladney, IT Director

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