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Texas Bible Institute took their communications to the next level with Crexendo®

The Problem

Texas Bible Institute had a system lacking in basic features and functionality causing growing frustration and restricting them from growth. They had outgrown their legacy analog system and needed a system that would accommodate their rapid growth and new communication needs.


Our Solution

Crexendo® was able to utilize their existing Data Network Infrastructure and gave them a more robust system that could accommodate their communication needs. They were able to save 40% on their monthly phone bill and provided them with the vital features they needed giving them the capacity for growth and improved efficiencies.


Digging-in: Non-profit Institute Improves Efficiencies and Productivity with Flexible/Customizable Cloud-hosted Communications Platform

Texas Bible Institute (TBI) was established in 1991 as a Christian institution focused on preparing its students to be strong for life. In their ministry, they see over 50,000 people a year with a large part of that contact through the phone. After becoming very frustrated with their legacy analog system they were desperate for a new phone system.

When their wireless internet provider, Internet America, a Crexendo® Authorized Partner, called to see if they were interested in switching over to Crexendo®‘s hosted cloud system, they began to do some research and “could tell very quickly that the future has just been handed to [them]” says Andrew Burchfield, Pastor at TBI.

Constricting and Lacking Functionality

TBI wanted to use what they had planned to implement for their communication needs and needed a phone system that would accommodate their rapid growth and new communication needs. Their old system was inhibiting them in numerous ways and became an obstacle preventing them from being able to implement the plan that they had in place. Consequently, the effects of their legacy system were:

  1. A lack of even the most basic business functionality – Their old system lacked such basic options as Voicemail and Caller ID.
  2. Difficult to use – no easy, user-friendly interface; every change was an on-going battle to reprogram the phones even for mundane tasks.
  3. Size limitation – They were outgrowing their system and needed something that would expand with their continual growth. They had already reached the maximum capacity that their copper lines allowed.

Their legacy phone system was beginning to deteriorate, adding to growing frustration. TBI had to make a decision about their phone system, prompting them to seek out a more modern solution that would offer them the flexibility and functionality that they needed all while still being able to utilize their current infrastructure.

Unique Yet Easy to Use

When planning the conversion process and evaluating TBl’s existing infrastructure, the concern surfaced that the wireless network’s ability to satisfactorily support Crexendo®‘s system. After extensive testing with the Crexendo® team on-site to help, the wireless network was approved to support the switch to the new system.

TBI decided to deploy Crexendo®‘s Cloud-hosted solution and Pastor Andrew wanted to be very involved with the deployment process to ensure his specialized communication needs were fulfilled. As Crexendo®‘s solution is so easy to use, this request was easy to satisfy, even allowing Pastor Andrew to perform most the of the conversion work.

Crexendo® experts at his side and while doing the majority of the work himself, Pastor Andrew had quality assurance every step of the way ensuring that his system would work the way he needed it to. The step-by-step conversion process was designed so that TBI could carefully switch from their legacy phone system to Crexendo®‘s Cloud Communication Platform without interruption.


In switching to Crexendo®’s Cloud Communication Platform, TBI was able to save 40% monthly on their telecom cost and now has a phone system that successfully addresses their unique call structure and is flexible enough to be easily customized specifically for their needs. Crexendo®‘s Cloud-hosted solution proved to be a perfect match for TBl’s requirements for a flexible, feature-rich system that could be easily customizable allowing them to meet all their communication needs at every level. Now their only concern is how to keep up with all of the exciting new features and options that are available to them.

“The programming functionality is amazing and simple, also being able to route numbers and extensions in seconds have been a huge plus for us!”

Pastor Andrew Burchfield

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